Dave Neeb Sandblasted Dublin with Bamboo Handmade Briar Pipe, New


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Dave Neeb spent the first part of his life as an attorney. Upon retiring, however, he turned his hand to an altogether different vocation: pipes. First, Neeb was a pipe seller; he then learned the art of pipe restoration; finally, under the tutelage of Lee Von Erck and Rad Davis, he took up making artisan pipes himself. This continued for many years, with Neeb’s restoration of high-grade pipes being practiced side by side with the crafting of his own – pipes that deservedly amassed a cult following. Eventually, Neeb retired from pipe restoration and sales, but his pipe-making endeavors are, to the relief of many a smoker, not over yet.

If you’ve been following MBSD updates, you’ll know that, with Dave Neeb’s retirement from estates restorations and sales, he suggested that we acquire his estates, and we suggested that we also could sell Dave Neeb pipes on our store. This is the first of Dave’s pipes to arrive on the MBSD storefront: a beautiful Dublin sitter, with a beautiful, ring grain sandblast almost reminiscent of certain Italian workshops (Ser Jacopo or Il Ceppo, for example), along with a two-knuckle bamboo shank extension. The pipe is around a group 3 size, making it extremely portable and lightweight – and an ideal clencher. As a nice touch, the rim has been left smooth and rounded slightly, showing off a ring of bird’s-eye grain patterns.



Length: 5.4″ / 137.1mm

Bowl Width: 0.76 / 19.30mm

Bowl Depth: 1.59″ / 40.38mm

Weight: 0.7oz / 22g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New