Radice Rind GO Spiral Shank Billiard Estate Briar Pipe, Italian Estates [SOLD OUT]

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Radice is one of the great Italian workshop pipe makes, belonging to a historic lineage of such workshops. The company began as a family affair, being established in 1980 by Luigi Radice, along with his son, Gianluca, and father, Paolo. But Radice’s pipe-making ‘family’ is a little larger than that. Prior to founding Radice, Luigi ran Caminetto, which he had founded with Guiseppe Ascorti in 1968. Prior to Caminetto, Radice had worked alongside Ascorti in the Castello factory, under the supervision of its owner, Carlo Scotti. It’s quite an impressive genealogy, which is clearly reflected in the quality of Radice pipes.

As with many Italian pipe-makers, Radice has its own, signature rustication style. Given Luigi Radice’s time working at Castello and Caminetto, one would presume that this would be a deep, rugged rustication, but the Rind finish is quite the opposite. While it is a similarly granular, pebble-dash approach to the Sea Rock Briar and Business finishes, the Rind is fine and shallow. In previous listings, I’ve wondered whether it was inspired not by stone formations but by citrus peel, hence the name. If my hunch is correct, the blood orange stain on this one would be quite appropriate.

This Rind is a large billiard, bearing the ‘G’ designation used for pipes of its size, but it also has an ‘O’ stamp. From what I understand, this stamp designates extra design elements – in this instance, the spiral carving worked into the pipe’s shank.

The condition is excellent. The pipe appears to have been smoked, but minimally, and very carefully.



Length: 6.5″

Bowl Width: 21.3mm

Bowl Depth: 1.9″

Weight: 2.4oz / 70g

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