Piero Vitale Sandblasted Freehand Estate Briar Pipe, Italian Estates [SOLD OUT]

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Piero Vitale is an Italian artisan who began his pipe-making career in 2014. A member of Italy’s prestigious Accademia della Pipa, Vitale has found considerable success both as the maker of Vitale pipes, and as the designer of the Bluebird and Proxima makes. While his work is inspired by Tom Eltang, Kent Rasmussen, Gian Gamboni and others, Vitale’s pipes display a distinct style of their own, as well as a mastery of the craft.

This Vitale clearly displays the characteristics that his pipes have recently become known for. It is an interesting synthesis of Danish, Italian, and English design philosophies; it is a freehand, complete with a plateau rim, but it is also an incredibly lightweight piece, with a pencil shank, a flared, hand cut stem, and a very natural, light blonde stain. The ring grain sandblast is wonderfully craggy and tactile, but its weight will ensure it will clench with absolute ease.

The condition is near-mint. It is pre-smoked, but does not appear to have been smoked much at all. In either case, it was clearly very well cared for.



Length: 4.8″ / 121.9mm

Bowl Width: 0.84 / 21.33mm

Bowl Depth: 1.96″ / 49.78mm

Weight: 1.0oz / 30g

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