Kiko 7 Straight Billiard African Block Meerschaum Pipe [SOLD OUT]

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Kiko was a brand of pipes produced by the Kilimanjaro Pipe Company, a pipe company based in what is now Tanganyika in the United Republic of Tanzania. Kiko pipes were made from what is commonly known as African meerschaum, a denser variety of the mineral than its Turkish counterpart. Unfortunately, the last African meerschaum pipes were produced many decades ago, as the material is no longer mined. This makes such pipes quite rare to come by.   

African meerschaum is a curious material. It is darker and denser than its Turkish counterpart, meaning there are things that can be done with it that can’t be done with Turkish, and that there are things that can be done with Turkish that can’t be done with African. One can, for example, use a screw-in tenon with African meerschaum, as this one has, with far fewer risks to the threaded mortise breaking down over time. But it is more difficult to cut African meerschaum, meaning these pipes are often left smooth, as this one is. As African meerschaum is naturally darker than Turkish, such pipes are often stained during production, typically with a fumed rim like this one has. It is a matter of preference when it comes to which type of meerschaum one prefers, but though we do sell our own, top-of-the-line Turkish meerschaum pipes here at MBSD, I will always have a soft spot for the old-world look of an African one.

The condition of this one is very good. There are a few handling marks and light scratches on the rim, but these are superficial imperfections.


Length: 5.8″ / 147.3mm

Bowl Width: 0.78 / 19.81mm

Bowl Depth: 1.47″ / 37.33mm

Weight: 1.5oz / 44g

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