Jared Coles Pipes, Danish Dublin, Handmade Briar Tobacco Pipe, New [SOLD OUT]


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Jared Coles is a North American pipe-maker based in California. Coles is one of the undisputed masters of the contemporary American artisan scene, but that shouldn’t be surprising given the teachers he’s had. A pipe smoker since an early age, Coles discovered high-grade pipes while studying at college and took up pipe-making himself in 2008. Coles received precious instruction and advice on making his own high-grades from Jeff ‘J. Alan’ Gracik and Todd Johnson, with the Gracik continuing to provide guidance when Coles teamed up with his friend John Klose to found the collaborative J&J Pipes brand. J&J achieved significant success, but was dissolved in 2015, after which Coles and Klose continued to produce pipes under their own names.

This pipe from Jared Coles is just lovely. I get something of a Nanna Ivarsson vibe from it – it’s compact, light-weight, and quite organic in shape. It’s also carefully cut – bringing out impeccable straight grain – and beautifully contrast-stained in a way that makes the very most of the briar patterns underneath. The kiss of plateau om the rim is an excellent last touch, giving a nod to the pipe’s Danish lineage.

As mentioned, the pipe is very light, at a mere 31 grams in weight. It will clench like a dream, and its size makes it the perfect pipe to carry with you for out-and-about smokes in style.



Length: 4.6″

Bowl Width: 19.5mm

Bowl Depth: 1.4″

Weight: 1.0oz / 31g

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Weight 15 oz


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