Eric Klodt Bamboo Prince Handmade Morta Pipe, Unsmoked

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Eric Klodt is an American artisan pipe-maker, who became immersed in the world of high-grade pipes in 2009. After studying with key figures in the contemporary American artisan movement, such as Rad Davis, Grant Batson, Nate King, and Michael Lindner, Klodt began producing his own high-grade smoking pipes, each inflected with the skills passed down by time spent with his celebrated tutors.

Morta, otherwise known as bog oak, is a fascinating material. It comes from trees that have fallen into bogs – as the name suggests – and lain there for hundreds, or thousands, of years, with the specific chemistry of the bog forcing the tree’s lumber to fossilize. Once the lumber is rescued from its submerged slumber and dried, it has remarkable properties, being very solid, surprisingly lightweight, resistant to heat,* and less likely to impart flavor when used for smoking pipes than other woods. But it is also very difficult to work with, so finding someone with the right skills to create robust smoking instruments from it is a must. Thankfully, Erik Klodt is just such a pipe-maker, as is evident from this morta and black bamboo prince.

This pipe is also completely unsmoked.

*While morta is resistant to heat, it can conduct heat more than other materials, such as briar. I recommend smoking a pipe such as this one like a clay, with one finger wrapped around the shank. As this pipe weighs just 34 grams, it should also be a very comfortable clencher, negating the need to palm it almost entirely.



Length: 6.6″ / 167.6mm

Bowl Width: 0.74 / 18.79mm

Bowl Depth: 1.14″ / 28.95mm

Weight: 1.1oz / 34g

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