Caminetto Business 151 KS Oom Paul Estate Briar Pipe, Italian Estates [SOLD]

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Caminetto was, and is to this day, a decisive figure in the history of Italy’s pipe workshop tradition. After spending time developing their skills in the Castello workshop, Sergio Ascorti and Luigi Radice left to found their own venture, which they named, ‘Caminetto.’ Here, Ascorti and Radice were able to create their own now-classic shapes and finishes, such as the rusticated ‘business,’ and the carved, wax-drip ‘new dear.’

The shape ‘151’ used to be a staple in Caminetto’s production, and despite not being produced anymore (the modern, replacement ‘151’ is very different), it has become something of a signature design for the Italian make. It was an Oom Paul, or Hungarian, sitter, with Caminetto’s now also seemingly defunct asymmetrical saddle stem. The Business, on the other hand, was Caminetto’s stony rusticated finish – somewhat like Castello’s Sea Rock, but with an aesthetic closer to weathered stone than marine pebbles. This one is fumed, which I particularly enjoy, and judging by the nomenclature and ‘bird-in-flight’ stem logo, it looks to have been made between the end of the 1960s and the mid-1970s.

The condition is excellent. The rim has some slight darkening – though very difficult to notice due to the fumed finish – and the paint in the iconic ‘bird-in-flight logo has faded, but I wouldn’t consider these to be significant issues.



Length: 6″ / 152.4mm

Bowl Width: 0.82 / 20.82mm

Bowl Depth: 2.0″ / 50.80mm

Weight: 2.7oz / 78g

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