2003 Peterson Spigot Sandblast Estate Briar Pipe, Irish Estates

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Peterson pipes generally need no introduction, but just in case you’re unfamiliar: in 1876, a Latvian named Charles Peterson immigrated to Ireland and was hired making pipes in a workshop owned by Frederick and George Kapp. After rising through the ranks to become head craftsman, Peterson bought into the Kapp’s business, which was renamed, Kapp & Peterson (K&P). During this time, Peterson himself applied for several patents for pipe designs, including the world-famous Peterson’s System. Since then, Peterson has become one of the most recognizable names in pipe smoking and continues to produce high quality pipes from their headquarters in Dublin.

Have you seen a Peterson Spigot Sandblast pipe recently? Probably not – unless you’re a veteran Peterson collector – because Peterson hasn’t regularly made them in quite a few years. There was a limited-edition black blast version in 2020, and Peterson does still make System Spigot Sandblast pipes, but the standard Spigot Sandblast is not in regular production. The reason for that seems to be that Peterson replaced it with the Newgrange Spigot, which, unlike this one, has a red acrylic stem. So, this is not a common pipe, and it’s actually from all the way back in 2003, during what some collectors call Peterson’s ‘Dublin Era.’ It’s a beautiful pipe, too – a little more reserved in its aesthetic than the Newgrange. While this one is missing a shape stamp, it appears to be the shape 221 – though, don’t quote me on that.

The condition is excellent. It seems to be missing some of the usual Peterson nomenclature, but that happens sometimes. It’s been well looked after.



Length: 5.2″ / 132.0mm

Bowl Width: 0.70 / 17.78mm

Bowl Depth: 1.37″ / 34.79mm

Weight: 1.7oz / 50g

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