Yiannos Kokkinos Sandblasted Nose Warmer, Unsmoked


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At this year’s Chicago Pipe Show, we had the privilege of meeting Yiannos, a remarkable pipe maker from Cyprus. Instantly, his pipes captivate with their undeniable creativity. Being the sole pipe maker from his country, Yiannos Kokkinos has carved his own niche in the world of pipe craftsmanship. His background in Graphic Design from Greece and Fine Arts from Italy shines through in his work.

Yiannos takes pride in handcrafting each pipe with meticulous attention to detail. He exclusively uses Mediterranean briar as the foundation, and for stems, he selects ebonite or acrylic from reputable sources in Italy and Germany. Depending on the specific pipe design, he also incorporates various other materials such as metal, bamboo, or olive wood. This unique blend of artistic vision and craftsmanship truly sets Yiannos apart, and he embodies the essence of an artisan pipe maker, infusing each creation with pure artistry.



Length: 4.5″

Bowl Width: 19.3mm

Bowl Depth: 2″

Weight: 62g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New


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