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    Yiannos Kokkinos 23071 Ballerina, Cyprus [SOLD OUT]

    At this year’s Chicago Pipe Show, we had the privilege of meeting Yiannos, a remarkable pipe maker from Cyprus. Instantly, his pipes captivate with their undeniable creativity. Being the sole pipe maker from his country, Yiannos Kokkinos has carved his own niche in the world of pipe craftsmanship. His background in Graphic Design from Greece…

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    Yannos Kokkinos 22129 Jerusalem Olive Wood Freehand [SOLD OUT]

    Yiannos Kokkinos, the lone pipe maker from Cyprus, resides on the island nation. He completed his studies in Graphic Design in Greece and Fine Arts in Italy and formerly worked as a designer. Yiannos’ pipes are entirely handcrafted using Mediterranean briar and Jerusalem olive wood, and their stems are made from Italian and German ebonite…