WO Larsen Sandblast Dublin Estate Briar Pipe, Danish Estates [SOLD OUT]


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WO Larsen was a tobacconist in Copenhagen Denmark. In the 1960s, when Danish-style pipes were becoming highly sought after, thanks to revolutionary pipe-makers such as Sixten Ivarsson, a workshop was set up on the Larsen premises to produce enough high-grade Danish pipes to meet demand. This workshop was staffed by the emerging masters of Danish pipe-making, such as Sven and Teddy Knudsen, Hans ‘Former’ Nielsen, Jess Chonowitsch, Poul Ilsted, and Benni Jorgensen.

This is a nice Larsen. It’s a little more conservative than many of the pipes made in the Larsen workshop, but it still has a few differences keeping it off the traditional English/French shape chart. For example, we’ve listed this as a Dublin because it has a bowl shape closer to a traditional Dublin, but it’s also long, with a saddle stem, like a lumberman. The stem isn’t a standard saddle either, being slightly longer and trapezoidal, as was quite common with Sixten Ivarsson’s work at the time. It also – most obviously – has a rectangular shank. It’s a great mixture of elements that fit together quite harmoniously, creating something that could be called ‘neoclassical.’

What else? It has a fantastic sandblast, which is relatively light, but with enough depth to bring out the briar’s natural ring grain. It’s also a large, long pipe, though it isn’t inordinately heavy – a sure sign of good briar, as if the Larsen name wasn’t evidence enough. The pipe even comes with its box, and is immaculately preserved.



Length: 6.4″

Bowl Width: 22.5mm

Bowl Depth: 2.1″

Weight: 2.0oz / 59g

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Weight 15 oz
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