WDC Jumbo Wellington Bent Estate Briar Pipe

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The William Demuth Company, otherwise known as WDC, was established in 1862 by German-born American William Demuth, and survived as a mainstay brand in the United States until the 1970s. It would not be inappropriate to call such pipes ‘presidential,’ given that, owing initially to Demuth’s friendship with US president James Garfield, WDC pipes became an inauguration gift and fixture in the oval office for every president from Garfield to Hoover.

Those with a taste for early briar pipe history may note the interesting similarity between this pipe and early patent-era Peterson pipes. After all, this pipe not only has the distinct proportions and silver collar of a Peterson System pipe, but also has a flared, tall, P-lip style stem, much like the earliest System models. Like Savinelli and Vauen, WDC tried their hand at creating their own alternatives to the dry-smoking designs of Peterson pipes, including P-lip alternatives. The Wellington, which debuted around 1915, is one of those pipes.

The condition is excellent. The finish on the rim is a little faded, but the pipe is otherwise remarkably preserved.



Length: 9.5″

Bowl Width: 23.5mm

Bowl Depth: 2″

Weight: 3.3oz / 94g

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