Sean Reum Pipes Rusticated Bent Egg Handmade Briar Pipe, New [SOLD OUT]

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Over the last decade, Sean Reum has emerged as one of North America’s most admired and in-demand pipe-makers, with his fans including, among many others, the one and only G.L. Pease. Having followed Reum’s career for many years, including catching a few glimpses of the artisan in his Montana workshop, I’m happy to say that his status in the pipe world is well-earned. A master carver of hand made pipes in the Scandinavian tradition, Reum has managed to secure a niche in the highly competitive artisan market through a combination of innovative designs and production techniques, a consistent, high quality output, and an almost unparalleled work ethic.

I was very curious about this pipe when it came in. Not just because it’s dressed in Reum’s signature ‘chipblast’ rustication, but because there was something about the shape that I just couldn’t put my finger on. And then it came to me – ‘that looks like a Stanwell, I thought.’ But not just any Stanwell, one of the original Stanwells that were designed in the 1950s, when Poul Stanwell was first teaming up with Sixten Ivarsson to reinvent the brand. So, I dug out my Stanwell catalogs and, lo and behold, there it was, the 1950s Stanwell shape 27. Like the shape 27, this Reum has the rounded, egg-like bowl, military mount, and flared stem, but Reum’s is a more modern, updated interpretation. Reum has swapped out the nickel for brass and the black vulcanite for a deep red ebonite; he’s also managed to make the pipe incredibly light, meaning it’ll clench without any effort at all.


Length: 5″

Bowl Width: 17.9mm

Bowl Depth: 1.6″

Weight: 0.8oz / 25g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New