Savinelli Manzoni 14/150 Special Edition Estate Briar Pipe, Unsmoked

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It is probably fair to say that Savinelli is Italy’s most famous pipe brand. Founded in Milan in 1876 by Achille Savinelli, the brand has continuously offered high quality pipes for nearly 150 years. Though various Savinelli lines have come and gone over the years, the brand has always been notable for putting out classically styled pipes with a distinctly Italian twist.

What’s in a name? In this case, quite a lot. Alessandro Manzoni was an Italian poet, philosopher, and various other things – a renaissance man, essentially – and, as Dunhill does for Dickens and Ropp does for Balzac, Savinelli likes to celebrate their national cultural icons through their pipes. Hence, this Savinelli Manzoni belongs to a limited edition run of just 150 pipes, created 150 years after the passing of Manzoni himself. Aside from the rather beautiful portrait of Manzoni on the shank, the pipe is quite distinct, being the formerly discontinued 910 shape from Savinelli’s historical catalog. It also features something not seen on many contemporary Savinelli pipes – a black ebonite stem.

This Manzoni came to us via our trade-in program, from something of a European literature aficionado. This previous owner left the completely unsmoked, and was careful enough to keep it with its original presentation box and sleeve.



Length: 6″ / 152.4mm

Bowl Width: 0.76 / 19.30mm

Bowl Depth: 1.67″ / 42.41mm

Weight: 1.4oz / 42g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New