Pipe Tristan Rusticated Prince Handmade Briar Pipe, New [SOLD OUT]

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Pipe Tristan is the name used by French artisan Tristan Lefebvre. Lefebvre is part of a new wave of up-and-coming hand made pipe carvers from the birthplace of briar, following in the footsteps of figures such as Alain Albuisson, Paul Lanier, and Pierre Morel Sr and Jr. Lefebvre credits a wide range of influences upon his pipe-making, such as modern greats from Italy and Denmark, such as Carlo Scotti’s Castello and Tom Eltang, as well as more unique sources of inspiration, such as the centuries-old hunting pipes native to Germany’s southern Bavarian region. As such, Tristan is equally at home crafting his own spin on the ’55,’ the hawbill, or the Danish Dublin as he is reviving the Ulmer Kloben – when he isn’t inventing his own shapes, that is.

This particular pipe from Tristan Lefebvre is, in its basic form, a very traditional French prince – though I’m not sure if they call it that over there, given their historically ‘complicated’ relationship with the monarchy. This old-world classicism is furthered by the pipe’s amber-like stem, though there is one key difference between this prince and most others: the finish. The pipe is dressed in Tristan’s signature ‘Granite’ rustication, which pays homage to the granular, pebble-dash finishes of mid-century Italian pipes. This Granite has also been given a very light, natural stain, meaning that, as the pipe is smoked, it should develop a warm, golden patina that will pair well with the tone of its stem.



Length: 5.8″ / 147.3mm

Bowl Width: 0.86 / 21.84mm

Bowl Depth: 1.22″ / 30.98mm

Weight: 1.4oz / 40g

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