PapaBearPipes Smooth Fugu Handmade Briar Pipe, New

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PapaBearPipes are made by North American artisan Tim Beaumont. Beaumont has been making pipes since 2018, cultivating a unique style that isn’t afraid to mix and match design elements and to create something completely out of the ordinary.

As I stated in a previous listing, in the natural world, the blowfish and the fugu are the same creature; in pipe-making, they are related, but distinct. The blowfish pipe is marked by a round side profile, paired with flat planes on one or either side, creating a curiously vertical figure. The fugu – the Japanese name for the creature in question – takes the formal elements that inspired the blowfish and accentuates them, so that the pipe even further resembles its namesake. This fugu from Tim Beaumont leans strongly into the aquatic realm, bringing together the distinct lines of the man-made artifact with the organic, flowing curves and asymmetry more common to nature. Particularly impressive on this pipe is its use of imposingly large side panels covered entirely with bird’s-eye patterns, and its connection of these panels by way of lateral, cross-grain. Finally, the design is completed by a hand-cut ebonite stem and a ferrule carved from masur birch.



Length: 5.8″ / 147.3mm

Bowl Width: 0.86 / 21.84mm

Bowl Depth: 1.48″ / 37.59mm

Weight: 2.1oz / 62g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New