Orlik Magnum Rusticated Billiard Estate Briar Pipe, English Estates [SOLD]

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Orlik was an English pipe manufacturer founded in 1899 by Louis Orlik. While originally the company’s mission was to produce low-cost pipes, the make would ultimately be known for the distinctly high quality of their products. Consequently, Orlik pipes are today a favorite among pipe smokers and collectors, especially those who prefer the hobby’s Great British classics.

I’ve seen long Orlik pipes before, but I’ve never seen one this generally large. “Magnum” is a term that is sometimes thrown about loosely when it comes to pipes, but at 7 inches in length and nearly 3 inches in height, I’m comfortable calling this one a magnum. And that’s not the only interesting thing about it. It is finished in a rustication style that I’m not used to Orlik using, being a kind of cross between picked-work and vermiculated carvings, as opposed to the more common rough-hewn approach. It also has a hand-cut stem, which I’m also much less used to seeing on Orlik pipes.

The condition is great. There is what could be some slight finish fading, or that could simply be the intended rustic finish.



Length: 7″ / 177.8mm

Bowl Width: 0.93 / 23.62mm

Bowl Depth: 2.04″ / 51.81mm

Weight: 2.8oz / 80g

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