Nording 1997 Hunting Pipe Sandblasted Bent Brandy Estate Briar Pipe, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]

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Nørding was founded by Erik Nørding in the 1960s, and is one of the oldest remaining companies to come out of the Scandinavian pipe-making renaissance that began in the mid-20th century. Now in his 80s, Erik Nørding is one of the most experienced and skilled pipe-makers in the world, and over the decades he has also been a teacher of other Danish masters, such as Poul Ilsted, Svend Axel Celius, Jens Tao Nielsen, Peder Jeppesen, and Søren Erik Andersen.

We’ve had quite a few of these Hunting pipes come through recently, owing to our trade-in program. This is one I was particularly pleased to see, however. Allow me to explain: since 1995, Erik Nørding has created a limited edition pipe to celebrate his love of wildlife and the great outdoors. These are Nørding’s famed ‘Hunting’ series, conceived in collaboration with Danish wildlife illustrator Mogens Andersen, with each drawing inspiration for its design for a particular animal. As you can imagine, the further back one goes, the more scarce these pipes are, especially ones in good condition. And unsmoked, like this one? For the earliest models, you might as well be hunting unicorns.

This 1997 model was inspired by the Canadian goose. This is reflected not only in its overall shape, whose side profile evokes the body of waterfowl, but also in the ivorite band underneath its shank end, which imitates the distinct plumage of the bird in question.

As mentioned, this Goose has not yet been cooked. In other words, it is entirely unsmoked, with an original bowl coating from Erik’s workshop to help ease in its first smokes. Some smokers may also be interested to know that this pipe, as with Nording’s earlier Hunting series, has an ebonite stem, rather than acrylic. Unfortunately, the pipe is without its original tube.



Length: 5.5″ / 139.7mm

Bowl Width: 0.77 / 19.55mm

Bowl Depth: 1.63″ / 41.40mm

Weight: 1.5oz / 44g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition Used
Notes Unsmoked