Chacom Golden Grain 168 Smooth Straight Apple Estate Briar Pipe, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]

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Chacom is one of France’s most historic and iconic makes. Its founders, the Comoy family, began their career as boxwood pipe-makers in the early 1800s, before briar had even been discovered, with Henri Comoy (of Comoy’s fame) emigrating to England in 1879 and founding the country’s first briar pipe factory. In 1922, Henri and his nephews, the Chapuis, founded the Chapuis Comoy pipe factory in Saint-Claude, France, which shortly after began producing pipes bearing the partnered families’ names – ‘Cha’ for Chapuis, and ‘Com’ for Comoy. Chacom has been the biggest name in French pipes ever since.

This Chacom is from the long-discontinued ‘Golden Grain’ series. You can probably see why it got the name; the bowl is high-grade briar from Chacom’s famously good stock at its Saint-Claude campus, accentuated by a simple, lightly applied golden-brown stain. The lightness of the stain allows us to see the mixture of natural cross grain and bird’s-eye as clear as can be, while the silver collar and jet black stem serve as complementary design elements to further elevate the sheen of the briar. Fittingly, the shape is a traditional straight apple – a classic French shape for a classic French make.

This Chacom is also completely unsmoked, and comes with its original presentation box and sleeve.



Length: 5.7″ / 144.7

Bowl Width: 0.8 / 20.5mm

Bowl Depth: 1.5″ / 38.1

Weight: 1.6oz / 46g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New