Nathan Armentrout Smooth Bent Apple Handmade Briar Pipe, New

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Originally a science teacher in California, Nathan Armentrout began making pipes in 2009 and has since emerged as one of North America’s most talented, high-grade artisan pipe-makers. Inspired by Denmark’s legendary carvers, Nathan’s designs continue the legacy of the Danish pipe-making movement into the present day and expand that legacy through his own unique interpretations of the masters of old.

Interestingly, though I mention the Danish greats, I actually see more of a Japanese inclination to this Armentrout. In particular, I’m strongly reminded of the pipes of Tsuge and the Tsuge Ikebana workshop – though, it must be said, Tsuge’s Kazuhiro Fukuda and Smio Satou were themselves heavily influenced by the Danes, having visited Sixten Ivarsson and Jorgen Larsen in the 1970s. There’s also a Jorn Micke connection to Tsuge that I think is also relevant here. So, I guess I’m seeing American meets Japanese meets Danish – in other words, an impressive lineage. The pipe itself is a squat apple of the post-Danish variety, with particularly excellent grain patterns. The vertical flame grain that moves around the bowl and up the shank has an almost tiger-stripe quality to it, one no doubt accentuated by the contrast stain used. The pipe’s rim, base, and top- and under-side of its shank are also veritable seas of bird’s-eye. Color me very impressed.



Length: 5.3″ / 134.6mm

Bowl Width: 0.81 / 20.57mm

Bowl Depth: 1.31″ / 33.27mm

Weight: 1.9oz / 56g

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