MBSD Meerschaum Spigot Block Meerschaum Calabash Pipe [SOLD OUT]


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A mahogany Calabash pipe offers an exceptional smoking experience, thanks to its premium block meerschaum bowl insert set atop the mahogany wood.

As you may already know, mahogany has risen in popularity as natural gourds have become scarcer. While it’s slightly heavier than gourds, the mahogany calabash pipe delivers nearly identical smoking quality to its gourd counterpart.

We meticulously carve our calabash pipe bowls from the highest-grade block meerschaum. This choice enhances the smoking experience by enabling tobacco to burn at lower temperatures. Block meerschaum is exceptionally lightweight and offers excellent resistance to excessive heat. It also exhibits superior coloring behavior, unlike pressed meerschaum, which doesn’t develop those appealing hues.

For a cool and dry smoking experience, the calabash pipe is the ultimate choice. Its primary advantage lies in the substantial chamber located directly beneath the bowl, which is crucial for achieving cool and dry smoke. As the smoke travels through the extended stem, it becomes even cooler and drier. The end result is a pure, cool, and dry taste of your chosen tobacco blend.


Length: 5″

Bowl Width: 17.6mm

Bowl Depth: 1.25″

Weight: 31g

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Weight 15 oz
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