MBSD Masters by Kenan, Magnum Ragnar Viking Block Meerschaum Pipe, New

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MBSD Meerschaum Masters is our line for special, typically figural, meerschaum pipes carved by some of today’s greatest living meerschaum carvers. For this pipe, we enlisted the services of Turkish master Kenan.

The closest classical art form to meerschaum carving is sculpture. In this instance, the closest analog in the sculptural arts as classically defined, is the bust. By this I mean depictions of the upper torso of human figures, rather than other body parts. For about as long as meerschaum pipes have been made, carvers have been sculpting them in human forms, typically famous figures of an era (such as nobility), or cultural archetypes (such as the sultan or the pirate). This pipe, from Eskişehir’s master Kenan, takes as its subject a viking warrior Ragnar, with an immaculate attention to even the finest details, such as the warrior’s individual hair follicles.



Length: 12″ / 304.8mm

Bowl Width: 0.98 / 24.89mm

Bowl Depth: 4.03″ / 102.36mm

Weight: 10.0oz / 286g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New