Mastro Geppetto Rusticated Cherrywood, Estate Briar Pipe Unsmoked


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Mastro Geppetto pipes are made by the Italian workshop brand Ser Jacopo. One could call them Ser Jacopo’s series of ‘affordable’ pipes, and while this would be correct purely from the standpoint of price, it wouldn’t be entirely fair to them in other regards. Geppetto pipes are hand made from the same high-grade briar as Ser Jacopo pipes, but the former do not use the plateau cuts that the latter does, which are more expensive; Geppetto pipes also tend to be simpler shapes, meaning they do not require the use of the highly-technical flexible drilling machinery that Ser Jacopo’s wilder shapes do.

One thing I really like about Ser Jacopo’s Geppetto pipes is the wider variety of finishes they explore. For example, while I’ve categorized this Geppetto as a “rusticated” pipe, that doesn’t really do it justice. That’s not to say that rusticated pipes aren’t nice, but this one is arguably a “figural” design, given that it has been carved to resemble tree bark. Given that the pipe’s shape is that of a cherrywood – i.e., a forward-leaning sitter cut to resemble the trunk of a cherry tree, along with the old French pipes that were made from these trunks – I presume the matching of these two design elements was deliberate. In any case, it’s a great looking pipe, with some extra flair added by a cumberland-style lucite stem.

This Geppetto is also completely unsmoked, having come to us via our trade-in program.



Length: 5.2″ / 132.0mm

Bowl Width: 0.78 / 19.81mm

Bowl Depth: 1.43″ / 36.32mm

Weight: 1.4oz / 40g

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