Mastro De Paja Unica Sandblasted Bent Billiard Estate Briar Pipe, Unsmoked, 9mm [SOLD OUT]

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Like Castello, Mastro de Paja holds a special place in the world of Italian high-grade pipe workshops. Founded in 1972 by Giancarlo Guidi, the MdP team was soon joined by Giannino Spadoni and Bruto Sordini with the Guidi and Spadoni at the helm of the company until 1981. Guidi then left with Sordini to found Ser Jacopo, and Sordini would later leave Ser Jacopo to found Don Carlos. Spadoni, on the other hand, stayed at MdP until he also left, after which he founded Fiamma di Re. Today, Mastro de Paja is guided by Alberto Montini, with the workshop being known for both the manufacture of some of Italy’s most admired pipes, and for having launched the careers of some of its most respected artisans.

‘Unica,’ being Italian for ‘unique,’ is an apt descriptor for this pipe. One could call it a Rhodesian, a calabash, or a Hungarian, or indeed a synthesis of the three, and still not do the design justice. It is a pipe whose form was guided solely by its craftsman’s whim and the affordances of the briar, resulting in a large, totally distinct pipe whose sandblasting has revealed crisp ring grain patterns around its singularly tall bowl. As a cherry on top, to the design has been added two elegant silver collars. As may be imagined, the pipe’s chamber is very generous, and promises long smokes to while away the evening with.

The pipe also happens to be completely unsmoked, with a bowl coating applied at the Mastro de Paja workshop to help ease in its maiden voyages. It also comes with its original box and Italian leather sleeve. The pipe is chambered for 9mm filters, but would also accommodate an adapter of some sort if one prefers to use it without one.



Length: 6″ / 152.4mm

Bowl Width: 0.87 / 22.09mm

Bowl Depth: 1.9″ / 48.16mm

Weight: 3.1oz / 90g

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