Kiko Genuine Block Meerschaum 6, Estate


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Kiko Meerschaum Pipes hold a significant place among the highly sought-after vintage meerschaum pipes available today. Originating from Tanganyika, which is now known as Tanzania, Kiko became renowned for its production of a diverse range of African Block Meerschaum pipes under different names. If you happen to own an older meerschaum-lined pipe, there’s a good chance that the bowl is lined with Kiko or African meerschaum.

Compared to Turkish meerschaum, African meerschaum typically exhibits a darker color and boasts greater hardness. This distinction adds to the allure and uniqueness of Kiko pipes. With their collectible status and historical significance, Kiko Meerschaum Pipes captivate enthusiasts who appreciate the rich heritage and craftsmanship associated with vintage meerschaum pipes.



Length: 5.5″

Bowl Width: 19.4mm

Bowl Depth: 1.3″

Weight: 33g

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Weight 15 oz
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