Kaywoodie Standard 44, Smooth Panel Estate Briar Pipe, American Estates

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Kaywoodie pipes are as American as apple pie. Starting in 1919 as a pipe brand for KB&B, a pipe shop dating all the way back to 1851, Kaywoodie has since then been a staple of American-made pipes. In the present, many Kaywoodies are collectors’ items, in addition to being fantastic smokers.

I’ve always found Kaywoodies to be fascinating window into historical trends in pipe design. This shape ’44,’ for example, can be found in the 1968-69 KB&B catalog, where it is classed as an ‘Octagon Apple.’ As a KB&B make, it has Kaywoodie’s renowned four-hole stinger, and it’s also an excellent weight for clenching, at around 34 grams.

The condition is very good. There’s a little residual oxidation on the pipe’s vulcanite stem, and some minor rim darkening, but this little workhorse is ready to go for many more decades yet.



Length: 5.5″

Bowl Width: 19.8mm

Bowl Depth: 1.4″

Weight: 1.1oz / 34g

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