Kaywoodie Block Meerschaum Pipe, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]

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Kaywoodie pipes are as American as apple pie. Starting in 1919 as a pipe brand for KB&B, a pipe shop dating all the way back to 1851, Kaywoodie has since then been a staple of American-made pipes. In the present, many Kaywoodies are collectors’ items, in addition to being fantastic smokers.

While a rarity to see these days, The Kaufmann brothers (the KB in KB&B) started their pipe business in New York by selling meerschaum pipes, along with clays. This isn’t a meerschaum pipe from 1851; rather it’s a later example of KB&B returning to their roots. If you’re a fan of Kaywoodie pipes and meerschaum pipes, this one might be perfect for you, as it combines block meerschaum with Kaywoodie’s stem-work and their famous four hole stinger. Not only is this decades old meerschaum pipe in pristine condition but it also comes with its original display case.

Though I’m not sure exactly when this was produced, though my research tells me that the Kaywoodie block meerschaum pipes were sold between the 1930s and 1960s, so it’s quite remarkable that this one has come along so far in time without being smoked.



Length: 6.2″

Bowl Width: 19.8mm

Bowl Depth: 1.4″

Weight: 1.5oz / 43g

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Condition Used
Notes Unsmoked