GBD Super Q SB 9436, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]

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Among all the GBD models, the Super Q’s hold a special place in my heart, rivaling even the GBD Uniques. It’s a stroke of luck that we stumbled upon this exquisite, unsmoked pipe, which showcases the very best of the Super Q’s line.

This beautiful pipe boasts a unique blend of rustic and sleek aesthetics, thanks to its delicate rustication. The light rustication adds a touch of character and texture to the billiard shape, enhancing its overall appeal.

What sets this offering apart is the fact that it comes complete with the original box and paperwork, making it a truly remarkable find for collectors and enthusiasts. Owning a pristine, unsmoked GBD Super Q’s pipe with its accompanying documentation is a testament to its exceptional condition and adds a layer of authenticity to the experience.



Length: 5.9″

Bowl Width: 21.7mm

Bowl Depth: 1.75″

Weight: 1.4oz

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Condition Used
Notes Unsmoked