Dr Plumb by GBD Flat Grip 122 Straight Billiard Estate Briar Pipe


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You may not know it, but Dr Plumb is one of the oldest extant briar pipe makes, having been established all the way back in 1925. And, while the name sounds like it should be an Anglophone invention, it was originally a French one – though admittedly it is claimed that the name was borrowed from an Englishman. Dr Plumb began as something of a sister make to GBD, one that soon became an affordable sub-brand for the renowned English-French enterprise.

Those who are particularly familiar with GBD may recognize this Dr Plumb as being GBD’s shape ‘122’ billiard. That is no coincidence, as this Dr Plumb is something of a GBD second. Aside from a couple of fills on the front of the bowl, however, you wouldn’t know this was a second from looking at it. This is why ‘seconds’ should never be confused with basket pipes – especially from older, more renowned makes. Just because a pipe did not meet the impeccable standards required to become a GBD, a Comoy’s, or a Dunhill, this does not mean warrant turning one’s nose up. In fact, this Dr Plumb happens to have pretty remarkable grain for the most part, with a light brown stain employed to show it off. The pipe is also very lightweight, so should suit as an easy clencher, a perfect pocket pipe, and indeed an all-round workhorse.

The condition is great. As mentioned, there are one or two fills that have worn out, and there’s a little inner rim darkening, but these are superficial imperfections.



Length: 5.4″ / 137.1mm

Bowl Width: 0.74 / 18.79mm

Bowl Depth: 1.39″ / 35.30mm

Weight: 1.1oz / 32g

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