Charatan’s Make Executive Extra Large Smooth Dublin Estate Briar Pipe, English Estates [SOLD]

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While Dunhill may be Britain’s most famous pipe brand, Charatan is not only older, but has the honor of being the first to have made its pipes entirely in-house. ‘Charatan’s Make’ referred to the fact that, at a time when other pipe companies were sourcing stummels and stems carved from other companies before assembling them in their factories and workshops, Charatan made every part of their pipes on the Charatan premises. So began a legacy of high-quality pipe-making under the Charatan name, one whose employees, at one time or another, included Joel Sasieni, and Ken Barnes and Barry Jones of James Upshall fame.

This is a beautiful Charatan pipe, that’s unquestionable. But the stamping threw me off for a moment, I must confess. Thankfully that one was on me. Take a look at the pictures – specifically the country of manufacture stamp, that reads, “MADE BY HAND/IN/City of London.” See, this pipe has most of the hallmarks of being a Lane era Charatan, one that is regarded by many as being the source of the very best Charatan pipes. But I’m used to the stamp just mentioned being in all-cursive script, rather than half block-letters and half cursive. Mr Ferrara’s extensive article on Pipedia set me straight, though. It turns out that this stamp was used for a short, six-month period of time in 1965, i.e., at the halfway point between the early- and late-Lane era. According to Mr Ferrara, these pipes are therefore very rare.

The pipe is excellent even without this factored in, though. It is a perfectly executed – and yes, large – freehand Dublin, with tight, “angel hair” straight grain and what looks to be an imitation-plateau sandblasted rim.

The condition is great. There’s some darkening of the inner back rim, but nothing I’d consider extensive.



Length: 6.6″ / 167.6mm

Bowl Width: 1.12 / 28.44mm

Bowl Depth: 1.54″ / 39.11mm

Weight: 2.9oz / 84g

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