Barling’s Make Ye Olde Wood 309 EXEXEL TVF Sandblasted Billiard Estate Briar Pipe [SOLD OUT]


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Barling and Sons was originally founded in 1812 by Benjamin Barling and began as a family business making silver-adorned meerschaum pipes. In the early 20th century, however, the Barling family began to produce what the brand is today most famous for – expertly made briar pipes.

For those that don’t know, Barling pipes can be roughly divided into periods of manufacture, with the earliest period, during which the Barling family themselves owned B. Barling and Sons and made its Barling pipes, being prized and highly sought after by collectors. This pipe belongs to that period, i.e., before the ‘transition’ era between 1960-3 and the ‘post-transition’ era after that.

While there are many reasons that Family Era ‘Barling’s Make’ are so highly valued, the one most evident on this pipe is the approach to sandblasting the Barling family used. It’s a deep, craggy, tactile blast, perfectly drawing out a ring grain from the briar used, an approach that inspired master artisans such as J. T. Cooke almost over half a century later.

The condition is excellent. There’s some darkening on the rim and some residual oxidation on the stem where we have taken care to preserve the Barling stem logo, but otherwise the pipe has been carefully preserved – a habit Barling collectors understand well.



Length: 6″

Bowl Width: 21.1mm

Bowl Depth: 1.9″

Weight: 1.7oz / 50g

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Weight 15 oz
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