Bari Wiking, Smooth Straight Pot Briar Pipe, 9mm, Danish Estates [SOLD OUT]

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Bari was a Danish pipe-making company founded by Viggo Nielsen in the early 1950s. During the company’s lifetime. Viggo, his two sons Kai and Jørgen, and Åge Bogelund, and Helmer Thomsen all worked for Bari, producing high quality pipes in the Danish style. After Bari, each of these pipe makers would later continue to produce high-grade pipes under their own names.

This Bari Wiking is a rare, magnum sized example of Danish master craftsmanship. At over 7 and a half inches long, with a chamber over two inches deep, it promises hours of smoking pleasure with the right blend. Superbly grained and evenly proportioned, this pipe remains in a miraculous condition despite its age.


Length: 7.6″

Bowl Width: 31.2mm

Bowl Depth: 2.4″

Weight: 5.0oz / 144g

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