Ardor Urano Straight Pot Estate Briar Pipe, 9mm, Italian Estates

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Like many Italian workshop brands, Ardor pipes are a family affair. The name itself is an acronym of Angelo Rovera and Dorelio Rovera, father and son pipe-makers who created the brand in 1972. The Rovera family’s history with pipes goes back much further, however, as Angelo’s own father, Francesco, had previously established the Sociedade Rovera pipe company with his brothers in 1911. All Ardor pipes are completely hand-made from briar that has been seasoned for at least 4-5 years, and the brand is noteworthy for its playful and innovative approaches to design. As a result, Ardor pipes are both quintessentially Italian, while also being somewhat different, having a style that is wholly their own.

The Roveras’ Ardor make has a large variety of rusticated finishes. Some, like the Alvere, are spiral carved. Some, like the Meteora, are interlaced with smooth sections, resembling ancient brickwork. The Urano series is the make’s simpler, pebble-dash rustication, comparable to Castello’s Sea Rock or Savineli’s Capri finishes. This Urano extends that functionalist aesthetic in the form of a traditional pot, though one that is even more traditional than most thanks to its slight forward cant.

The condition is great. There is some minor finish fading on the bowl’s outer rim, but nothing that isn’t purely cosmetic. This Ardor is a fairly rare example of pipe chambered for 9mm filters as standard. If its next owner prefers smoking without filters, we’ve also included an adapter that will help it do exactly that. Finally, the pipe comes with its original sleeve.



Length: 5.5″ / 139.7mm

Bowl Width: 0.94 / 23.87mm

Bowl Depth: 1.27″ / 32.25mm

Weight: 1.6oz / 48g

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