Unsmoked Age Bogelund Cavalier Estate Briar Pipe, Danish Estates [SOLD OUT]

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Age (or rather, Åge) Bogelund is a somewhat less known carver from the 20th century Danish pipe-making tradition – though he was no less a master than his contemporaries. Originally, he worked for Viggo Nielsen’s Bari pipe company, being charged with making some of its higher-grade freehands. Later, Bogelund made pipes under his own name, each displaying a distinct style and talent, even among his celebrated Danish peers. Bogelund’s pipes have for a long time been coveted by collectors, though in more recent years, these creations have attracted a more popular enthusiasm.

Do you remember that line from near the end of Back to the Future? The where, after playing a crazy guitar solo and kicking over an amplifier, Marty McFly tells a crowd of bewildered, 1950s onlookers, “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet – but your kids are gonna love it”? That’s how I feel about many of Bogelund’s pipes. Even for an artisan at the epicenter of the Danish pipe design movement, he was often way ahead of his time. This is one of those pipes. I’ve classified it as a cavalier as that’s the closest established shape I could think of, but that doesn’t do it much justice. It is a pipe whose bowl is a partially micro-rusticated hexagonal prism, whose shank and stem (which are also part of its base) are ebonite, and which has an amber-like extension between the two. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘functional work of art’ cliche used to describe many pipes, but I think, in this instance, it’s more than appropriate.

Perhaps the craziest thing about this pipe is that it is completely unsmoked, with an original bowl coating by Bogelund to help ease in its first smokes.



Length: 5.3″ / 134.6mm

Bowl Width: 0.83 / 21.08mm

Bowl Depth: 1.45″ / 36.83mm

Weight: 2.6oz / 74g

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