Sir Del Nobile Rusticated Panel Estate Briar Pipe, Unsmoked

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Ser Del Nobile emerged as a result of S.M. Frank & Co’s expansion of its enterprise into Europe – more specifically, into Italy. Those familiar with 20th century pipe history may recognize S.M. Frank as the American pipe company which, at one time, owned and manufactured the Kaywoodie, Yello-Bole, Medico, Heritage, and William Demuth makes. In 1965, SMF&Co set up a workshop in Livorno, Italy, and hired talented local craftsmen to produce high-quality Italian pipes. Thus Ser Del Nobile was born.

Even simply from a historical standpoint, Ser Del Nobile is a fascinating make. Could they be called ‘Italian-American’ pipes? Anyway, the pipes are also nice. This one is an interesting, Italian take on the traditional foursquare, featuring a tactile, vermiculated finish, an uncommonly tall, stack-like bowl, and a saddle stem. A white acrylic band woven into the stem adds just a little something extra to what is otherwise a reserved, elegant aesthetic.

The pipe is completely unsmoked. I do notice a small chip on the left of the outer rim (pictured), but it is superficial, and wont impact the smoking properties nor the longevity of the pipe.



Length: 5.5″

Bowl Width: 19.1mm

Bowl Depth: 1.6″

Weight: 1.6oz / 48g

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