Savinelli Estella Handmade Rusticated Estate Briar Pipe [SOLD OUT]


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It is probably fair to say that Savinelli is Italy’s most famous pipe brand. Founded in Milan in 1876 by Achille Savinelli, the brand has continuously produced high quality pipes for nearly 150 years. Though various Savinelli lines have come and gone over the years, the brand has always been notable for putting out classically styled pipes with a distinctly Italian twist.

This Savinelli comes from the brand’s short-lived Estella line. I’m not sure why Savinelli discontinued it – perhaps the pipes were just not selling well enough at the time – but the pipes soon became a cult favorite among collectors and smokers. We don’t get too many of them here, but when we do, they’re in and out of the door pretty quickly. They tend to be on the large side, as with this one, and the rustication is very rugged, even when compared to other Italian approaches. This Estella is a nice cinnabar red, not unlike Castello’s Old Sea Rock, but rather than being fumed, the bowl is lightly contrast stained. I’d say the color works really well with the smoky grey lucite stem.

As for condition, this Estella is in a great one. The inner lip of the beveled rim is a little worn from cleaning over the years, but the rest of the rim is spotless. The stem is similarly free from abrasions. Overall, a beautiful, rare pipe from Savinelli’s vast historical catalog.



Length: 6.1″

Bowl Width: 24.1mm

Bowl Depth: 2.0″

Weight: 3.2oz / 91g

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Weight 15 oz
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