Savinelli De Luxe Siena Sand 814 EX, Meerschaum Lined Briar Pipe, Italian Estates [SOLD OUT]


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It is probably fair to say that Savinelli is Italy’s most famous pipe brand. Founded in Milan in 1876 by Achille Savinelli, the brand has continuously produced high quality pipes for nearly 150 years. Though various Savinelli lines have come and gone over the years, the brand has always been notable for putting out classically styled pipes with a distinctly Italian twist.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Not only is this pipe from Savinelli’s long-discontinued De Luxe series, it’s also got a wonderfully preserved meerschaum insert in the chamber. As may be inferred from the name of the line, this quarter-bent Canadian is sandblasted, which is very uncommon for Savinelli pipes today, with the blast brought out by a deep red-brown stain (hence ‘Siena’). It’s a fairly long pipe, at just under six inches in length, but it’s also quite light, a sure sign of good briar.

The pipe is in great condition. In addition to the remarkably sound meerschaum insert, the finish is without blemishes and the vulcanite stem is free from dents or abrasions.



Length: 5.8″

Bowl Width: 18.6mm

Bowl Depth: 1.8″

Weight: 1.5oz / 44g

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Weight 15 oz
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