Sasieni Patent King Size Four Dot Rustic Bent Bulldog Estate Briar Pipe, English Estates

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Along with names like Barling, Charatan, and Dunhill Sasieni holds a special place in the history of English smoking pipes – one near to its very beginnings. So the story goes, Sasieni himself worked for Dunhill during its early days. But eventually he left Dunhill, having his own ideas about how pipes should be made, and founded Sasieni. This was 1919, and Sasieni has been the closest thing to a household name in English pipes ever since.

Now here is a curious little (or, not so little) pipe: a Sasieni, in the style of the Four Dot Rustic finish (including the eponymous four dots), but which instead bears the title of ‘King Size,’ and a patent number with it. My research tells me that this nomenclature designated Sasieni’s largest pipes at one point, probably around the later 1940s, which would make the pipe very impressive, and collectible, indeed. As for the pipe itself, it’s a classic Family Era Sasieni; a large, bent bulldog, dressed in Sasieni’s signature rustication, finished with a dark, brown stain and a vulcanite stem.

For those interested, the nomenclature reads as follows:


ENGLAND (in an oval shape)

Sasieni       O



PAT NO. 150221/20

The condition is very good, especially for the age of the pipe. There is a little residual oxidation on the vulcanite stem, and some minor inner rim darkening, but the pipe has been preserved quite remarkably.


Length: 6.6″

Bowl Width: 23.0mm

Bowl Depth: 1.4″

Weight: 2.3oz / 68g

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