Rare Liverpool Shape Peterson Estate Sandblasted Briar Pipe, Irish Estates


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Peterson pipes generally need no introduction, but just in case you’re unfamiliar: in 1876, a Latvian named Charles Peterson immigrated to Ireland and was hired making pipes in a workshop owned by Frederick and George Kapp. After rising through the ranks to become head craftsman, Peterson bought into the Kapp’s business, which was renamed, Kapp & Peterson (K&P). During this time, Peterson himself applied for several patents for pipe designs, including the world-famous Peterson’s System. Since then, Peterson has become one of the most recognizable names in pipe smoking and continues to produce high quality pipes from their headquarters in Dublin.

Now here’s a peculiar Peterson. With its pencil shank and short stem, it looks like a Liverpool, but closer inspection reveals it to be more like a brandy – strangely Danish for the Irish make. There’s no shape number on this one, so I had to pore over my notes to see if I could find out what shape it must be. It could be a coincidence, but I thought I should start with the ‘D shapes,’ i.e., the shapes Peterson produced for the Danish market in the 1990s. It does look quite like the D4, so there’s the possibility it could be that one. It’s also very reminiscent of the very old Peterson shapes, those made during the patent era, but which are long since discontinued. This pipe isn’t a patent era pipe, but there’s one possibility regarding that: a few years ago, Peterson sold a few very limited edition pipes under the ‘Seasoned Briar’ line. They were made using bowls that had been aging in Peterson’s warehouses that they’d been forgotten about. After these old and well and truly seasoned bowls were discovered, they were finished and sold, but only a few dozen made it to market. So, the pipe is either a D4, or is one of the Seasoned Briar limited editions. I can’t say for sure which, but I can certainly say it’s one heck of a rare Pete.

The condition is excellent. I see no issues that need highlighting, but please examine the photos for yourself, just in case there’s anything I’ve missed. I’m not sure the box and sleeve are original – they’re just what the pipe arrived on my desk in.


Length: 5.6″

Bowl Width: 19.0mm

Bowl Depth: 1.6″

Weight: 1.4oz / 42g

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