Northern Briars Sea Urchin Group 5 Estate Briar Pipe, English Estates, 9mm [SOLD OUT]

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It would be fair to say that for Ian Walker, the English artisan behind Northern Briars, pipe-making runs in the family. His grandfather, George Walker, was a foreman at the historic Duncan Briars factory, while his father Peter Walker, was a tobacconist and pipe repairman. Ian would end up following in his grandfather’s and his father’s footsteps, first becoming the UK’s most trusted repairman and, following some encouragement and instruction from Bill Taylor of Ashton, later becoming one of its most celebrated living artisans.

Though it may not seem like it, the sea urchin is a thoroughly English pipe shape. First conceived (as far as I’m aware) by Bill Taylor for his Ashton make, the shape has subsequently become something of a staple among English artisan carvers, such as Chris Askwith and, as seen here, Northern Briars. As one might guess, the pipe’s bowl is hand-carved to resemble its aquatic namesake. This one is a particularly large rendition, with a light, blonde stain complemented quite nicely by a hand cut cumberland stem. Presumably due to how labor-intensive the shape is, sea urchin pipes are a rare find, much to the chagrin of their cult following.

The condition of this one is excellent. There’s some darkening on the inner lip of the rim, but the finish is otherwise unblemished, as is its stem. The pipe is also chambered for 9mm filters, but would accommodate an adapter of some variety if its next owner prefers to use it without one.



Length: 6.2″ / 157.4mm

Bowl Width: 0.79 / 20.06mm

Bowl Depth: 1.5″ / 38.10mm

Weight: 2.8oz / 82g

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