Nathan Armentrout Sandblasted Tomato Handmade Briar Pipe, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]


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Originally a science teacher in California, Nathan Armentrout began making pipes in 2009 and has since emerged as one of North America’s most talented, high-grade artisan pipe-makers. Inspired by Denmark’s legendary carvers, Nathan’s designs continue the legacy of the Danish pipe-making movement into the present day and expand that legacy through his own unique interpretations of the masters of old.

This particular Armentrout is an interesting shape with a storied history in the Danish tradition, though I don’t think I’ve seen it interpreted like this before. One could call it an apple, an acorn (as Armentrout has done) or a squat tomato, and point to the designs of, for example, Tom Eltang, Nanna Ivarsson, or Per and Ulf from S. Bang as precedents. What’s interesting, however, is that Armentrout has elected to only partially sandblast his interpretation; the majority of the bowl is blasted, with a light, yet still crisp, ring grain finish applied, but the rim has been left smooth and polished. The transition between the two finishes is not sudden either, but rather appears to blend as one becomes the other. It’s quite marvelous. The stem is made from a very subtle cumberland resin, which offsets the hues of the contrast stained red stummel very nicely.

It’s a light pipe that should clench without much trouble – a testament to the quality of the briar Armentrout specifically uses – and is compact enough to carry around for smokes on the go.



Length: 4.7″

Bowl Width: 22.2mm

Bowl Depth: 1.2″

Weight: 1.4oz / 41g

Stem: Cumberland

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Weight 15 oz
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