MBSD Meerschaum Deluxe XXL Lion Block Meerschaum Pipe, Briar-Mortise


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MBSD Meerschaum Masters is our line for special, typically figural, meerschaum pipes carved by some of today’s greatest living meerschaum carvers. In this instance, we partnered with the esteemed Turkish master carver Kenan. This Meerschaum Masters pipe also includes our patented Deluxe Briar Mortise system, which features a briar mortise much like a traditional briar pipe, as well as a Delrin tenon, for extra durability.

The lion’s head has been a staple of meerschaum carving for centuries, with varying results. This one, on the other hand, is a genuinely magnificent portrayal, which should be no surprise given that it was hand carved by master Kenan. It is a particularly large rendition of the shape, which has allowed Kenan to depict the lion, from tooth to mane, sparing none of the details and intricacies that it deserves. As a final touch, the pipe has been given a silver faux spigot, which is mounted into the Briar Mortise system common to all MBSD Deluxe pipes.



Length: 9″ / 127.0mm

Bowl Width: 1.00 / 14.22mm

Bowl Depth: 2.64″ / 67.05mm

Weight: 8.6oz / 246g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New