LHS Sterncrest Caboose w/ 14k Gold Ring, Estate Briar Pipe, American Estates

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LHS was an American pipe company based in New York, founded by brothers Ludwig and Hugo Stern in 1911. Known for such lines as the Sterncrest, the Purex, and the Redmanol, LHS often worked with innovative and decorative materials for their pipes, crafting and applying these materials in-house. LHS lasted until approximately 1960, when the company closed for good. Today, LHS pipes and memorabilia are particularly sought after by collectors.

Like GBD with the Bullmoose, the make that comes quickest to mind when thinking of the Bullcap shape is LHS. It is not a common shape these days, but it is one that, thanks to makes LHS, has secured its place in pipe history. It is essentially a very squat, very wide bulldog (or Rhodesian, if we’re being pedantic), with the top of the bowl being flattened into a kind of “cap,” hence the name. Interestingly, this bullcap has been shaped so that the northernmost face of the bowl is slightly pointed, giving the pipe an even more assertive profile. This LHS is also quite special, having a 14 karat, solid gold band at the end of its shank. Talk about being married to your pipes, huh?

The condition is very good. There’s a couple of handling marks and a little bit of finish fading on the rim from previous cleaning and polishing, but nothing that isn’t cosmetic.



Length: 5.2″ / 132.0mm

Bowl Width: 0.88 / 22.35mm

Bowl Depth: 1.06″ / 26.92mm

Weight: 1.7oz / 50g

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