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Kirsten pipes were originally the creation of Frederik K. Kirsten. A man who immigrated to America at the turn of the century and became a professor of aeronautical engineering, Kirsten’s invention, debuting in 1936, belongs to a category of pipes now known as “metal” pipes, or “metal frame” pipes. As the term suggests, these pipes, including the Falcon and the Peacemaker, are defined by a metal shank, onto which is screwed a bowl made from more typical pipe materials, such as briar, meerschaum, or morta. A firm favorite of pipe smokers for the last 80+ years, Kirsten pipes continue to be manufactured by the Kirsten Pipe Company, which has so far remained under the ownership of the Kirsten family.

Given the craze over spectacular shapes and finishes that took over the world of pipes in the middle of the 20th century, it may seem remarkable that Kirstens remain ever popular among smokers. But, as you’ll know if you, or any of your friends, smoke Kirstens, Falcons, or similar, you’ll know that these pipes are equally remarkable and even difficult to make the switch from once you’re hooked. With the Kirsten, part of this undoubtedly comes down to engineering; following a similar idea to the traditional cavalier, the pipe features a system where the mouthpiece and the “foot” valve of the pipe can be removed for easy cleaning, as well as for managing moisture build up during use. Unlike cavaliers, however, the bowl is also removable, and can be switched for other dedicated Kirsten bowls. On this one, the bowl is rusticated in a style not unlike Custom-Bilt’s signature finish.

The condition is great. The pipe’s bowl has some rim darkening, but the pipe’s frame and mouthpiece are near-pristine.



Length: 6″ / 152.4mm

Bowl Width: 0.93 / 23.62mm

Bowl Depth: 0.93″ / 23.62mm

Weight: 1.7oz / 50g

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