J G Freehand Briar Pipe, Estate [SOLD OUT]

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Unveiling a pipe of exceptional craftsmanship and remarkable grain, we find ourselves immersed in its beauty. Despite our best efforts, delving into the history and origins of this pipe has proven to be a challenging endeavor. However, we turned to experienced collectors and sellers, seeking their insights and knowledge regarding its maker.

Drawing upon the expertise of these seasoned individuals, we were informed that this exquisite pipe is likely the creation of an American artisan maker from the 1970s or 1980s. While precise details about the maker remain elusive, their craftsmanship and dedication to their art are evident in every aspect of this finely crafted pipe.



Length: 6.9″

Bowl Width: 22.5mm

Bowl Depth: 2.25″

Weight: 81g


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Weight 15 oz
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