Gigi Rusticated Oom Paul Estate Briar Pipe, Unsmoked, 9mm [SOLD]

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Gigi pipes occupy an interesting position in the history of Italian pipe-making. The story begins with the founding of Sociedade Rovera, a pipe-making company in Varese, Italy, by the Rovera family. As members of the Rovera family left to start their own ventures, the dynasty associated with the name would be split into several companies; Angelo Rovera created Ardor with his son Dorelio; Federico created Fe.Ro; Massimilliano created Mario Rovera; Fiorenzo created Gardenesa; and Giorgio created Giorgio Rovera, along with partners Angelo and Adele Bianchi. In 1964, Luigi Crugnola, nephew of the Bianchis, took over the Giorgio Rovera make and changed its name to his own – Gigi.

From my limited experience with the Gigi make, I must admit that I’ve found them to be something of a sleeper in the pipe world. This one for example is, on the surface, a very conventional shape, being an Oom Paul, AKA a Hungarian. But it’s also a lot more angular than the traditional Oom Paul, having more in common with, say Caminetto’s versions than Sasieni’s. This one is even more angular than Caminetto’s, though, with a curvature that might make one wonder how on earth they managed to drill the draft hole. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that the horn ferrule is actually a shank extension that screws off – which will have been how it was drilled, and will certainly make cleaning the pipe a whole lot easier for its owner. On a last note, the rustication on this Gigi, while being a staple of Italian pipes, is a lot sharper than many Italian variations. It reminds me a little of the pre-1970s Savinelli rustication, or even Ferndown’s Bark, especially when paired with the pipe’s smooth rim.

This Gigi also happens to be completely unsmoked, with an original bowl coating to help with the break in process. It is chambered for 9mm filters as standard, but it may also accommodate an adapter of some variety, if its owner prefers smoking without one.



Length: 5.5″ / 139.7mm

Bowl Width: 0.84 / 21.33mm

Bowl Depth: 1.9″ / 48.26mm

Weight: 1.9oz / 56g

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