Custombilt Magnum Partially Rusticated Bent Billiard Estate Briar Pipe [SOLD OUT]

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Custom-Bilt (later, as in this case, Custombilt) pipes were originally created in the early 20th century by Tracy Mincer, an American pipe-maker. Later adopting the slogan, ‘As Individual as a Thumbprint,’ Custom-Bilts were each rusticated by hand, giving them their signature rugged look, and ensuring that no two Custom-Bilts were exactly alike. Today, these pipes are prized by collectors, pipe history enthusiasts, and those who generally appreciate a well-made smoking machine.

Here’s something you don’t see every day – not only is this Custombilt a very large specimen, even compared to other Custombilts, it’s also very classically inclined. It is what could be described as a swan neck billiard, almost like Dunhill’s famous LC shape (though with a slightly shorter bowl), but rusticated with Custombilt’s renowned, furrowed carvings. Judging by the nomenclature, this pipe was produced between 1946 and 1953, making it at least 70 years old.

The condition is great. I’m most impressed that the pipe’s long, vulcanite stem has been preserved so nicely. Aside from some minor rim darkening, I don’t see any imperfections that would normally have accumulated over its 70+ years on this earth. Even the nomenclature has been well preserved.



Length: 7.2″ / 182.8mm

Bowl Width: 0.90 / 22.86mm

Bowl Depth: 1.92″ / 48.76mm

Weight: 2.3oz / 66g

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