Custombilt Horse Rusticated Canadian Estate Briar Pipe, Rare (Eugene Rich Era) [SOLD OUT]


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Custom-Bilt (later, as in this case, Custombilt) pipes were originally created in the early 20th century by Tracy Mincer, an American pipe-maker. Later adopting the slogan, ‘As Individual as a Thumbprint,’ Custom-Bilts were each rusticated by hand, giving them their signature rugged look, and ensuring that no two Custom-Bilts were exactly alike. Today, these pipes are prized by collectors, pipe history enthusiasts, and those who generally appreciate a well-made smoking machine.

The Eugene Rich Era of Custombilt, spanning from 1946 to 1953, featured a distinctive line of pipes known as Masterpieces, showcased here. Among the rarer collections of this era, these pipes were distinguished by figural carvings, predominantly depicting animals. It is presumed that these were crafted in the earlier years of the era.

Remarkably, the carved animal line was more economically priced than the regular Custombilt line, with a cost of $7.50 during that period, compared to the regular ones that were priced at $10 or more. The majority of these intricate carvings were the handiwork of Hetzer Hartsock, a renowned carver of that time, who was also responsible for creating the exceptionally expensive special-order carved pipes. Hetzer Hartsock was celebrated as a prominent figure in the art of pipe carving during those days.



Length: 6.8″

Bowl Width: 22.5mm

Bowl Depth: 1.8″

Weight: 1.4oz / 60g

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Weight 15 oz
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