Bjarne Handmade Smooth Brandy Estate Briar Pipe, Danish Estates [SOLD OUT]

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Bjarne Nielsen was one of the towering figures of Danish pipe-making until his passing in 2008. As the founder of Bjarne, Nielsen employed talented pipe-makers from Denmark to produce distinctly Danish pipes and sold them to a devoted international audience. Among those in his employ were figures such as Mogens Johansen (also known as Johs), Ph. Vigen, Ole Bandholm and Tonni Nielsen. Though Bjarne pipes are no longer manufactured, they are still in good demand by those who enjoy well-made pipes in the tradition of Danish design.

I like to use pipes such as this one to illustrate a basic, but underappreciated fact about pipes in the Danish mold: ‘freehand’ does not necessarily mean completely divorced from tradition. This is a freehand pipe, but it’s also very close to the classic pot or brandy shapes. There are telltale signs of freehand shaping though: for one, the pipe has an undeniably ‘rugged’ look, but this very much works in its favor. In terms of the design, the base of the bowl is sloped, raising the bowl itself on a small pedestal at the bottom. It’s almost like a low-slung Rhodesian, and it gives the pipe a very interesting side profile, while also making it a sitter.

The pipe is in great condition, but that’s to be expected with something like this. The stem is free of abrasions and has even retained the original Bjarne ‘BJ’ stamp (in part thanks to our careful restoration). The rim finish is a little faded, but it’s not especially noticeable.


Length: 5″

Bowl Width: 20.9mm

Bowl Depth: 1.5″

Weight: 1.9oz / 56g

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