Astleys of London Group 6 Billiard Estate Briar Pipe [SOLD OUT]

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Astleys was one of London’s most historic pipe and tobacco shops. Like many pipe tobacconists, its owners had pipes made specially to be sold under the shop’s name. Astleys pipes, however, were made by some of the premier pipe manufacturers and artisans in the UK, such as Dunhill, Charatan, Les Wood, and Ken Barnes and Barry Jones of James Upshall. As a result, Astleys pipes are prized for their quality, and as examples of the very finest British pipes.

I would venture a guess that this Astleys was made by Charatan – not in its main factory, but in its freehand workshop. It’s just an educated guess, but the bowl looks more like something hand shaped against a sanding belt, rather than turned on a lathe, as Dunhill would have. Plus, the proportions of this one’s saddle stem are more than a little reminiscent of Charatan’s. Picture it with a double comfort saddle and you’ll get what I mean.

Anyway, I’m rambling. It’s quite a large pipe, but it isn’t unwieldy. The chamber is generous, there’s plenty of flame grain, and the pipe’s brown sugar stain keeps things warm and fiery.

Furthermore, the condition is excellent. There’s some inner rim darkening, but it’s minor. The stem is without dents or abrasions, the finish is well preserved, and the nomenclature is crisp.



Length: 6.4″ / 162.5mm

Bowl Width: 0.85 / 21.59mm

Bowl Depth: 1.86″ / 47.24mm

Weight: 2.2oz / 64g

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